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Sell ​​food supplements on Amazon

Integratori alimentari

Marketing a food supplement in Italy and in other Member States of the European Union requires the compliance with the relevant European regulations as well as with the local legislation in force on the concerned country.

These provide for that the product only contains admitted ingredients, that the relevant labels are adequately prepared in compliance with the regulations and that are therefore notified to the Competent Authority, where required.

This regulatory need must be complied with even in the case of food supplements that are marketed on line, for instance on websites like Amazon. In latest years, in fact, with the increased use of the web, more and more companies have decided to sell their food supplements on Amazon.

Buy food supplements on Amazon

This type of sale includes some benefits: it is easy and practical for consumers and allows companies to reach a higher number of customers in several countries.

Even the world of sport is increasingly using the web and Amazon for the purchase of food supplements supporting physical activity, including vitamin supplements.

Food supplements containing plants and other nutritional substances that can be a valid integration of the ordinary diet are also available on Amazon.

However, the several regulations in force for this sector must also be complied when selling on Amazon, in order to ensure the distribution of safe and compliant products.

Amazon Italia is actually inviting companies wishing to market their food supplements through the Amazon online sale channel to comply with the national and European requirements and to provide evidence that the product has been notified before sale.

The other Amazon websites all over the world are operating in the same way. Therefore, Italian companies wishing to sell their products in other European countries using the Amazon platformmust first check the national requirements of that country regarding the concerned products.

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