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Who can sell food supplements?


The positive trend of food supplements sales remains steady. This is a type of products that must comply with specific regulations but referring to different formulations with features and functions often differing very much one from the other.

Just because of this wide variety of uses, the general population employs food supplements in high quantities.

Consumers opt more and more frequently to use these products, because they are advised to do so by healthcare professionals or as a personal choice, following the indications and claims reported in the labels.

However, not everyone is aware of the fact that food supplements actually fall into the definition of foods, and that are designed to be used to integrate common daily diet and to support the psychophysical well-being of users.

Food supplements, in fact, are not intended to cure or treat diseases or pathological conditions, but they are to be considered as foods contributing to maintain a normal state of good health.

However, there are formulations that, based on their composition, are more indicated for a given situation. This is why there are lists of admitted ingredients with their relevant maximum doses as well as indications that can be attributed to them.

Can food supplements be sold at gyms’?

This means that on the market, one can find supplements that are more used in a special context. A sale channel that is currently having a wide market is the gyms’.

The use of products supporting sportspeople during intense exercise (such as protein food supplements) is actually very common here. Therefore, for companies, gyms are an excellent showcase for their products.

Many people wonder how to sell food supplements at gyms’. The answer to this question is still the same: complying with regulations and registering the company appropriately.

To this end, it should be specified that not everybody can sell food supplements since, to be able to carry out this activity, it is necessary to be duly registered as FBO (Food Business Operator) and to have submitted a communication about the beginning of one’s activity based on the type of sale one wished to make.

Become a Food Supplement Seller

Therefore, it is not impossible to become a food supplement seller or even to open a franchise food supplement shop, but one should be well aware of what one needs to do in order to comply with the applicable rules and carry out a legal activity.

Therefore, also hairdressers can sell food supplements, provided that the whole set (products and sale activity) is compliant with the sector’s regulations.

Currently, considering that the use of online technology and tools is now widespread in all sectors, e-commerce is another way that is becoming more and more used, as it allows consumers to manage their purchase quickly and at any time.

For this reason, many apps to sell supplements are under development: via this sale channel, it is even clearer that other technical issues are to be examined, to avoid the occurrence of uncompliant situations.

Some times, the presence of a free sale certificate for a food supplement could be misleading and lead to think that one is free to sell the product with no need to comply with other requirements.

Unfortunately, it is not so: this certificate is only a statement that the concerned food supplement has been notified into the online portal of the Italian Ministry of Health, but this does not rule out the need to comply with other requirements regarding the sale of food supplements.

It is therefore essential to turn to expert staff, that is able to provide precise indications on everything is required to market food supplements.

People frequently turn to their accountant when there are issues related to sales, but it could be much more useful to follow the indications of a consultant, who can also taking care of the regulatory aspects of food supplements, in order to have an evaluation that is really complete and exhaustive.

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