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Organic certification

Italian agricultural holdings operating with organic methods have increased in recent years.

The increasing demand for organic products by consumers makes this market very attractive for food-processing companies. The organic method is in fact a certification that can be extended to processed products sold to the final consumer as food.

It applies not only to the products, but also to the whole supply chain (agriculture production, processers, processing companies, distributors) providing an added value to the product and extending the existing quality system. This field of application also includes food supplements, provided that they contain at least 95% of ingredients from organic agriculture and animal origin. Vitamin and mineral products are excluded.

Companies processing products with agriculture and/or animal origin for food consumption wishing to obtain the organic certification should refer to Control Bodies acknowledged in each Member State.

In Italy, these Control Bodies are authorised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies (Mipaaf).

Di Renzo Regulatory Affairs has a special unit dedicated to regulatory activities for food supplements and related products (Foods for Specific Groups, novel food etc.), and can assist Italian and European companies manufacturing or marketing food supplements and Foods for Specific Groups to obtain the organic certification. In particular, Di Renzo Regulatory Affairs offers the following services:

  • feasibility study of the organic certification project and time and cost analysis
  • assistance in the selection of a Control Body
  • contacts with authorised bodies for the registration of the company in the agricultural holdings register and with the selected Control Body
  • preparation and control of the documentation required for the organic certification application
  • study and assessment of the label and presentation of the organic product
  • preparation of the packaging graphic design
  • updating on the regulations