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Feasibility studies and Regulatory Intelligence

Regulatory Intelligence can be defined as information analysis and generation of valid results to support regulatory strategies and business decisions. Data collection can be carried out by using databases, websites, literature and much more.

However, source selection as well as information collection and analysis should be carried by professionals with a high level of experience in this field, with a clear search target, and able to provide a critical and strategic support to their recipients.

Thanks to the availability of many professionals, Di Renzo Regulatory Affairs offers strategic regulatory assistance to companies, carrying out:

  • feasibility studies of business projects
  • feasibility studies for the marketing of products in EU and extra-EU countries
  • regulatory updating on the areas of interests
  • examination and classification of borderline products
  • evaluation of subjects of interest for the business

Regulatory updating is also ensured via the subscription to the magazine Italian Regulatory Affairs News, published by Di Renzo Regulatory Affairs both in Italian and in English.

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