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Pubblicità medicinali veterinari

Promotion of veterinary medicines

The advertising of non-prescription veterinary medicines – the so-called “free sale” veterinary products – is permitted only after a specific authorisation has been issued by the Ministry of Health, following a positive opinion expressed by the Advisory Committee for the licensing of healthcare advertising.

The Commission for the licensing of healthcare advertising is entrusted with the task of evaluating the advertising content, ensuring that it includes correct information for the purposes of a safe and harmless use for human and animal health.

Di Renzo Regulatory Affairs avails itself of qualified staff and can cooperate with pharmaceutical companies interested in this field for the following activities:

  • preliminary examination of the advertising material
  • preparation of the application to be submitted to the Ministry of Health
  • advice on the administrative process
  • graphic design of advertising materials

Foto di Amy_Gillard da Pixabay