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Di Renzo Regulatory Affairs is part of Unindustria

Antonella Mencarelli and Floriana Fiorani to represent us in Unindustria

Di Renzo Regulatory Affairs has become a member of Unindustria, a regional association that is part of the system of Confindustria (the main Italian industry trade association). Unindustria is the biggest association inside Confindustria in terms of territory.

They take care of their members interacting with the institutions, monitoring local policies, and favouring exchanges and interactions between companies to create what they call a “favourable ecosystem” to grow at regional and national level.

The numbers of Unindustria

UNINDUSTRIA is present on the territory of the Italian region Lazio (where Rome is located) with 8 offices and 120 experts serving the region’s enterprises. Among its members there are approximately 2,800 companies, almost all small and medium-sized enterprises, thus reflecting in full the typical trait characterising the Italian business reality.

More than a half of these companies (about 65%) operate in the services, confirming the vocation of the region Lazio in this sector.

Unindustria offers assistance and support to all its members, promoting in particular the aggregation between services and manufacturing, to improve the development of an enlarged and interconnected regional chain.

Unindustria offers to all associated companies a consultancy at any level, with special reference to tax policies, credits, and corporate finance.

What we expect from Unindustria

With Unindustria we share the values of innovation, territorial development and staff protection.

As members, we will receive information and updates regarding our employees – our “human capital” – on topics like health and safety, but also in relation to social welfare and job market. Thanks to Unindustria, we will also be aware of fundings and funds made available by bodies and institutions, but also regarding those incentives allowing to reinvest in the company as well as in the personnel, especially in young employees, who are the future of the regulatory sector.

Moreover, although we are not a manufacturing company, another aspect we find interesting and that fully fits our business policy are those tools that the association can make us aware of to manage energy, to contain costs, and to use renewable sources, with dedicated and exclusive offers, at favourable conditions for the growth of our company. 

Exchange and cooperation

Above all, however, being part of the Unindustria family will allow us to establish contacts with other business realities, not only in the services sector, to enhance our already active practice of exchange and cooperation with partners in Italy and abroad, and to widen more and more our prospects in the regulatory affairs.

We will also be capable of collecting information and updating in real time to orientate our business strategies and to assist our clients in the best way.

Our membership in Unindustria is therefore a new timepoint for growth, a starting point for new projects and varied collaborations, without losing sight of our vocation: internationality, a knowhow based on a long-standing experience in the sector, a pool of qualified experts.

A company informed and trained in all aspects of its organisation, to be more performing and support partners and clients in the race on competitiveness and innovation.