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Scientific Information and promotional materials

Scientific information includes various activities related to the management of drug promotion.

The services offered in this field are:

  • assessment of the suitability of the requirements of pharmaceutical sales representatives (ISF)
  • exchange with the Italian regions and the Italian Medicine Agency (AIFA) for the periodic information on ISF visits to doctors
  • transmission of the sheet recording the ISF annual visits to doctors via the AIFA Front End System
  • registration of the ISFs for the relevant regional territory
  • creation of the ISF identity cards according to the regional requirements
  • assessment of the promotional materials intended for the Scientific Information on medicines and its submission to AIFA
  • assessment of advertising for the public regarding medicinal products for human use classified as SOP (no prescription drugs) and OTC, application for the authorisation to the Ministry of Health and authorisation procedure
  • assistance for promotional materials intended for other European countries
  • development of artworks, brochures and advertising materials and cooperation in the development and update of websites
  • training courses addressed to the company’s staff and to ISFs scientific information
  • assistance to obtain the certification for Scientific Information according to the guidelines of the Italian pharmaceutical industry trade association Farmindustria