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Pharmacovigilance Reporting

Di Renzo acts as pharmacovigilanza Provider for pharmaceutical Companies, managing pharmacovigilance activities on their behalf, in compliance with current legislation and the Agreements in place with such Companies.

What is pharmacovigilance?

Pharmacovigilance consists of a series of activities aimed at identifying, evaluating, understanding and preventing adverse drug reactions or any other safety problem relating to the use of medicinal products. It therefore contributes to patient protection and public health.

What is an adverse drug reaction?

It is a harmful and unwanted response to a medicinal product and can result from a use of the medicinal product authorised or not authorised (e.g. overdose, misuse, abuse, therapeutic error, off-label) or from occupational exposure.

How to report an adverse drug reaction?

Any adverse drug reaction may be reported to your doctor or pharmacist. You can also report an adverse drug reaction using the following methods:

  • Following the instructions on the AIFA website: https://www.aifa.gov.it/
  • By sending the report to the Marketing Authorization Holder of the medicinal product

If you are outside Italy, since each country has its own legislation and reporting methods, we recommend that you contact the local health personnel to have information on how to report an adverse reaction.

As Di Renzo acts as a pharmacovigilance Provider for pharmaceutical Companies, you may have been redirected to this page for adverse reaction reports. To send us a report of an adverse reaction, please read the Policy on treatment of personal data for pharmacovigilance purposes carefully. By clicking to the link of the Policy, once you have confirmed the reading and understanding of the same, you will be provided with the contacts to use for sending the adverse reaction report.