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The Key to Success: Creativity and Know-how

Il Sole 24 Ore – November 22, 2021 –Di Renzo Regulatory Affairs, a future-oriented company committed to change

With 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical-regulatory sector, Di Renzo Regulatory Affairs stands as an excellence in its field by turning specialist know-how into its brand.

Most of the staff members – they are now a hundred, a goal proudly achieved this year, at the time of the pandemic crisis – hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees in chemistry, pharmacy, medicine, biology, nutrition sciences, statistics, languages, biotechnologies, biomedical engineering and many other related areas.

In the last few years, the work at Regulatory Affairs has changed significantly also as a result of the expansion of UE borders and non-EU markets. That’s exactly the reason why having people with different cultures and experience in the team becomes an added value. Nowadays, regulatory activity is a complex system that interacts with market strategies, from the authorisation process to the continued marketing of the products.

Quality and expertise are the core of consulting”, states the owner Sante Di Renzo, who has broadened his cultural interests with a degree in chemistry, a degree in psychology and a publishing house that published hundreds of “number ones” in the physical sciences and humanities as well as 12 Nobel prizes.

Where change is an incentive to improve, culture is a solid base to work from, curiosity is a propensity for discovery, a successfully run business cannot fail to emerge. From the 80s to date Di Renzo Regulatory Affairs has always been growing: from three team members to 100, from the first loyal customers to multinational drug companies, from an office apartment to a 4000 square metre site in Rome.

The new location, with its greater availability of space, has encouraged a reorganisation of work, where the flow and exchange of skills and ideas are faster and more effective, with an increase in quality.

Operational Dynamism” – as Sante Di Renzo defines it – “that’s what always feeds new projects and increases the possibility of meeting companies and people from all over the world”. Projects and meetings that in this company lead to experience and more know-how.

A large proportion of the employees is under 30 years old: they are full of hope and drive and all contribute to a dynamic and forward-looking environment.

“It’s impossible to run a business with a closed model”, the owner explains. “ The model is that of the beehive: it is the variety of flowers that improves the quality of the honey. Communication is the ability to interpret the spirit of the times, to identify future needs in advance. We are always seeking inspiration and ideas, even from distant markets. Meetings with international clients are invaluable for us: from their questions we understand the prevailing thinking in their business reality”.

And it is precisely for this reason that the company has for years been developing a close collaboration with non-European companies wishing to enter the European market.

These are the products areas of Di Renzo Regulatory Affairs: medicinal products, food supplements, medical devices, cosmetics, biocytes. The technical staff is able to examine and intervene on marketing authorisation dossiers. The company also boasts an effective Pharmacovigilance and scientific information department. Encouraging the idea of investing further in international relations, a new headquarters will soon be opened in a different European country, in addition to those in Rome, Milan and London.

Il Sole 24 Ore – November 22, 2021